Thursday, 26 December 2019

If Technology Is Effective in the Classroom - Why Do Some Students Dislike It So Much?

It has explained numerous times that technology has the possibility of learning the main modification. Now, it has become an issue as the students have separated into two different opinions. Some people feel that it is efficient and attractive to use technology in the classroom. But other students strongly disagree with the use of technology. It can analyze by receiving consequences from various inspections, feedback forms, discussions, and reviews.

 Reasons for the Matter

The first reason for the matter, few teacher's points of view, is that who are entirely experts about the use of devices such as digital whiteboard, computer, projector, Bluetooth technology and so many others, who do not know how to operate these machines. Because it takes much time to learn to manage this technology, at that time, students can deliver a lecture. Then the assignment easily complete, or we provide them efficiently. In this point of view, teachers are wasting a lot of time to know how to learn new tools of technology.

The second reason is that sometimes students are not permissible to use these tools for a necessary time. These are accessible in front of them for a limited time, and they cannot know how to use them. Due to less knowledge about these devices, they feel uncomfortable when teachers use these technological tools. Those students need teachers to use simple teaching procedures as compared to wasting time with modern teaching.

Research Explains

Another research explains that several of the schools and colleges are leading learning lectures and courses for their staff to be qualified for using the newest methods of teaching. It is sometimes a crucial phase, but students disagree due to sometimes the absence of teachers. We can say that this stage will be helpful for forthcoming, but now, students are having criticizes about such doings.

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